Current state of the development

Xtempore is pretty much feature-complete in terms of original design goals. Although most parts of the core are throughly tested, well performing and generally stable, it is possible some bug's might still lie somewhere undetected.

The public api can be considered stable and there should be no changes before the 1.0 release, unless especially mentioned in the api documentation.

Short-term goals

Primary goals before the 1.0 release are:

  • Finding and fixing bugs.
  • Finding and eliminating any performance bottlenecks.
  • Writing documentation, examples and articles.
  • Removing the last few dirty hacks lurking in the code.
  • Development of minor features and enhancements (things which are unlikely to break anything); including:
    • Allow binding TemplateResourceLoaders to namespaces, enabling simultaneous use of multiple TemplateResourceLoaders to be used much like (Function)Evaluators.
    • A simple tool for experimenting and transforming with command line and Ant-task interfaces.

Mid- and long-term goals

  • Integration with a number of other technologies and frameworks
  • API for compile-time evaluations and parsing hooks
  • JSTL support
  • JAXP support
  • Multi-threaded transforming